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Wholehog is a long established Kent based company providing hog roasts, bar facilities, music PA systems, marquees and staging for your event.

The hog roast prices shown are an indication of what to expect with the final quote depending on your chosen options. Just get in touch to discuss your plans.

We Supply:

Spit Roasts, BBQs

  • Quality meat locally sourced.
  • Spit roaster will take pork, lamb, beef, turkey, goose.

Cask Ale

  • Real beer straight from the barrel


  • with the necessary dispense chiller and gas equipment.


  • for the inclement British weather, delivered and erected by specialists.


  • Beer festivals as a package
  • Large scale events

go WholeHog.org.uk and enjoy it!

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We Can Also Provide:

Temporary electrical installations, by qualified engineers.

  • Bands, Staging, Lighting, Sound equipment...
  • Trussing & Rigging.
In fact if you need it for an event or party, we’ll find it and supply it.

Please speak to one of the shop staff
or call 07836-541675
or email hdhog@wholehog.org.uk



Prices below are a guide only 2024
If you are thinking of a hog roast for yourself we can offer:
DIY (basic package - you do the work) £615
DIY+ (as above but with buns & apple sauce)  £695
Cook n Carve (as above but we do all the work - all you do is eat)
Delivery is extra
a hog will feed 70 to 150 head
tried lamb instead? feeds 50-70
Please see downloadable *.doc booking / enquiry form - left hand tab


go WholeHog.org.uk and enjoy it!

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Please note, certain items will only be provided by our specialists with the equipment.

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